OpenVPX provides a versatile, high-speed architecture utilizing the rugged Eurocard form factor. There are backwards-compatibility options with VME/64x with hybrid backplanes.  

As VITA 65 (VITA 65.0 and VITA 65.1) OpenVPX backplanes are based upon specific configuration profiles, many designs are customized. However, Pixus has several off-the-shelf 3U and 6U VPX configurations.  Other VPX derivations include VITA 46 (base VPX), VITA 66 for optical, VITA 67 for RF, and SOSA slot profile variants.  The Pixus team are experts in SOSA aligned / OpenVPX backplane design and can guide you through the complex profile option process.  The company also provides accessories such as VITA 62 power boards, RTM cables, and much more.  Versions that support VITA 66.4 / 67.3 / 67.1