Custom Specific Designs



"Modified Standards" and Customization

Pixus Technologies' focus allows our customers to supply the application while we provide a reliable architecture solution on time. One of our main tasks is to develop and test individual parts, then supply these fully assembled and tested in any required configuration and quantity. The modular concept of our subracks permits a wide range of applications with the minimum number of components, since they are based on the same horizontal rails and system components. The only difference lies in the design of the side panels and configuration variants. Equipped with a backplane and power supply, a standard subrack can be rapidly upgraded to an Integrated System, for example. The subracks are shock and vibration-tested and conform to the latest IEC and IEEE specifications.

Pixus Technologies offers expert advice in the implementation of mechanical design for the production of electronic chassis. Pixus mechanical engineers provide a complete range of mechanical design services in partnership with the expertise and world class production facilities of Rittal. Pixus mechanical engineers also carefully consider the thermal implications of the design and work closely with thermal engineering to ensure the product will perform in its intended application. Pixus Technologies works with clients to simulate and test the real-life environmental factors of the application and make the necessary adjustments to maximize performance.

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