Instrumentation and Electronics Cases

Pixus provides modular cases, sold as kits or assembled, for the electronics packaging of your instrumentation solution and specialty electronics. There are rackmount and desktop versions with a wide selection of configurations, sizes, and accessories utilizing Rittal brand enclosure components (including Vario, RiPac, and RiCase brands).  Accessories include mounting kits, earthing kits, flanges for rackmount, feet, front handles, EMC gasketing, and panels.


  • RiCase Premier Series

    RiCase Premier Series

    Highly aesthetic and rugged 19" or 10.5" wide cases featuring rounded and colored corners, attractive panel and cover design, perforated options, in various sizes and configurations. Proven in medical, energy, industrial, defense, and numerous other applications.

  • Vario Versatile Series

    Vario Versatile Series

    Highly versatile series of modular instrumentation cases and custom electronics cases in various heights (1U-8U), widths (42HP, 63HP, 84HP), and depths (250mm-370mm); EMC shielding options from basic to advanced. Larger sizes (7U, 8U) for desktop cabinet rack electronics.

  • RiBox Economy, 1U-2U

    RiBox Economy, 1U-2U

    Economic sheet-metal 19" enclosures in 1U-2U heights and 84 HP width. Ideal for higher volume applications. Easy assembly, EMC upgradable.