CompactPCI Serial Intro

CompactPCI Serial is a high-performance architecture leveraging much of the 3U/6U Eurocard mechanical and power definitions in CompactPCI, but utilizing high-performance connectors and serial fabrics.  It is similar in performance to OpenVPX, but tends to be simpler and lower cost.  Here are some differences from CompactPCI to CompactPCI Serial. 

  • Extends parallel PCI bus with serial PCI Express, SATA, Ethernet, and USB, offering higher performance while maintaining mechanical backwards compatibility to CompactPCI. Supported by thousands of available chipsets, chips, and operating systems. 
  • 20x data transfer improvement using PCI Express lanes compared to CompactPCI's bus-based traffic. Total data transfer improvement of 80x when Ethernet, SATA, and USB are used. 
  • Supports Hot Swap of boards while a system is operating. This enables the development of mission critical systems. 
  • Convection cooled and conduction cooled modules are defined. 
  • Compliant products are commercially available, including processors, I/O cards, backplanes, card cages, system enclosures, and complete pre-packaged systems. 
  • Wide O/S support 
  • Scalable from a single board to large systems 
  • Hybrid systems allow combination of CompactPCI Serial and CompactPCI peripheral cards, using a CompactPCI PlusIO CPU card in the system slot. 
  • 3U and 6U Eurocard form factors are defined utilizing the popular IEEE 1101.1 and IEEE 1101.10 mechanical standards providing implementation flexibility and widely available off-the-shelf parts.



Pixus is able to help configure your CompactPCI Serial system.  This includes switches, SBCs/processors, FPGAs, graphics, storage, I/O cards, and specialty boards.  Contact Pixus to discuss your application.  




  • CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms

    CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms

    Pixus has a wide variety of modular 19" rackmount, desktop, and ATR enclosure platforms for CompactPCI Serial systems, allowing virtually limitless configurations. We offer various air cooled (front-to-rear, side-to-side, bottom-to-top, etc) configurations and conduction-cooled options.

  • CompactPCI Serial Backplanes

    CompactPCI Serial Backplanes

    Experts in backplane design, Pixus offers various sizes and configurations of cPCI Serial backplanes. Consult factory for details.