19" Rackmount Systems

The Pixus 19" rackmount systems are based are the modular open-standard COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) Eurocard approach.  This allows us to configure virtually unlimited tailored configurations of a chassis with little to no customization.   This provides standardization with the benefits of an open-standard architecture, which include:

  • Multi-vendor options, more choices
  • Less risk, not relying on one vendor
  • Selection options of "best in class" for all modules
  • Proven design in commercial, industrial, and MIL/Aero
  • Less obsolenscence risk with multiple vendors
  • Lower prototyping/development costs and time-to-market

Typical plug-in modules are 3U or 6U with a 160mm depth.  (See the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA sections for other board size options).  Enclosures are available to hold these boards in front-to-rear, bottom-to-top, and for 6U and 8U boards there is side-to-side cooling options.   The chassis can come with or without integrated fan trays or with redundant push-pull cooling.  EMC versions are also standard. 


There is a vast array of boards available in several industry-standard architectures.  Contact Pixus to discuss your requirement.  


  • 19" Rackmount - 3U Boards

    19" Rackmount - 3U Boards

    Utilizing over 100K modular piece parts, we can offer virtually unlimited configurations of our versatile COTS chassis for 3U boards to tailor a solution to your specific design requirements.

  • 19" Rackmount - 6U Boards

    19" Rackmount - 6U Boards

    The Pixus open-standard modular COTS Eurocard chassis holds 6U boards in a 6U subrack without fans or in a 7U-10U enclosure with a fan tray. Pixus specializes in customized or "modified standard" designs.

  • 19" Rackmount - Small Form Factor Boards

    19" Rackmount - Small Form Factor Boards

    Pixus offers standard and customized systems for Small Form Factor (SFF) designs. This includes modules for MicroTCA, VITA 74/75, and many other specialty types.