Embedded System Types by Architecture

Schedule a call with an industry expert on embedded technologies.  We'll be happy to provide the Pros and Cons of the various architectures and guide you to the best option for your application.  


  • Heavy Processing/Larger Systems

    Heavy Processing/Larger Systems

    The larger systems requiring heavy data processing are typically required in Telecom central office or Mil/Aero data processing of the networked battlefield or other high-performance requirement.

  • Signal Processing/Small-Mid Systems

    Signal Processing/Small-Mid Systems

    There are multiple standard architecture choices or modular customized solutions for small-to-mid sized signal processing systems. Let Pixus help guide you to the best choice for your application.

  • Mutli-function & I/O Systems

    Mutli-function & I/O Systems

    For applications with multiple functions (any combination of processing, graphics, storage, digital conversion, switching), Pixus offers space-saving standard or modular customized solutions.

  • Graphics & Video Processing

    Graphics & Video Processing

    Video processing for Broadcast, Communications, or high-end C4ISR and Situational Awareness for Mil/Aero can use standard architectures or modular customized solutions.

  • RF Systems

    RF Systems

    Pixus offers a line of enclosures with a cavity in the rear of the enclosure. This allows RF or other devices to be mounted inside of the chassis.