Rittal Brand Components

Pixus offers the Rittal brand components for standard embedded boards, subracks, enclosures, cases, etc in individual piece parts.  This includes rails, card guides, panels/handles, fillers, accessories, and much more. 


  • Rails


    Utilizing Rittal's intelligent designs, the modular rails can be cut in any length and come in configuration options for IEEE handles, backplane mounting, card guides, EMC or standard covers, and more.

  • Ejector Handles and Front Panels

    Ejector Handles and Front Panels

    Wide range of high reliability IEEE, IEC, Telecom and custom handles and panels. The IEEE ejector handle is designed for high pin count applications. Panels in various sizes and widths.

  • Side Panels and Flanges

    Side Panels and Flanges

    Side panels for subracks come in a wide range of sizes. With attachment holes and anti-twist half shears on a 10 mm pitch pattern, modularity is built in.

  • Covers


    The covers for the subracks & enclosures include perforated, solid, EMC, snap-fastening, and more.

  • Filler Panels

    Filler Panels

    The filler panels come in U-shaped for EMC and flat versions. Widths from 2HP to 84 HP (19") are available and 1U to 9U heights.

  • Card Guides

    Card Guides

    Pixus Technologies offers a broad array of card guides that are fixed to standard lengths or can be customized to an application specific length.

  • Accessories for Front Panels & Boards

    Accessories for Front Panels & Boards

    The board and front panel accessories include PCB covers & ejectors, identification strips, microswitches, keys, gaskets, PCB holders, and more.

  • Other Components & Accessories

    Other Components & Accessories

    Pixus offers a vast array of Rittal brand components & accessories. These include air baffles & blockers, fans, PSUs, shielding plates, brackets, microswitches, hardware, and much more.