4U84HP 1

OpenVPX/VME64x Chassis for 3U Boards, Vertical-mount


  • Extruded aluminum solution, industrial use
  • 19" rackmount with rear IO
  • 4U-5U heights, 405mm deep
  • Up to 18 slots (consult Sales for available sizes and custom options)
  • Vertical mount with pluggable (or fixed) power supplies
  • Bottom-to-top cooling (4U), consult Sales for other cooling options


  • Maximum installation with minimal space requirements
  • Hot swap-compatible power supply units
  • EMC and ESD protection
  • Fully assembled, wired and tested
  • Integral cooling from front to rear
  • Complies with VITA-1, VITA-1.1, IEC 60 297-3 and IEEE 1101.1/1101.10/1101.11