Systems for the configuration of industrial computers to the CompactPCI specification

  • Fully assembled, wired and tested, including backplane and power supply unit
  • Individual cooling concepts
  • Conforms to IEC 60 297-3 and IEEE 1101.1/10/11, as well as CompactPCI PICMG 2.0


System Configuration:

CompactCPI Systems Configuration Backplane


High-speed CompactPCI backplanes. Optionally with H.110 and connectors for bridges.

CompactCPI Systems Configuration Power Supply Unit


Power Supply Units
various inputs/outputs, plug-type or open frame.

CompactCPI Systems Configuration Insertion Extraction Handles

  Insertion/Extraction Handles
to reliably overcome high insertion/ extraction forces.

CompactCPI Systems Configuration Live Insertion

Live Insertion Microswitches
in the insertion/extraction handles de-activate the board type plug-in unit before starting the disconnection process, and activate during insertion.

Design Features:

CompactCPI Design Feature 1
Side Panels And Flanges
of clear chromated aluminum.
CompactCPI Design Feature 2
10 mm Pitch Pattern
of holes in the side panels facilitates individual system configuration.
CompactCPI Design Feature 3

Keyable Red Guide Rails
for defined positioning of the CPU

CompactCPI Design Feature 4

Horizontal Rails
with 10 mm extension for injector/extractor handles.

EMC Measures:

CompactCPI EMC Measures 1

Conductive Surface Finish
of all system components.

CompactCPI EMC Measures 2
CompactCPI EMC Measures 3


EMC Front Panels
with EMC gaskets ensure reliable contact.

CompactCPI ESD Protection 1

ESD Protection
ESD pin (C) and ESD contact in the guide rail (A) to discharge static charges before making contact with the board type plug-in unit.

CompactCPI ESD Protection 2

ESD Contact
in the PCB guide (B) ensures permanent, direct discharge via the PCB.

CompactCPI ESD Protection 3

Safety Ground
Provides a singe earth ground contact per rear I/O module.  Parts are UL recognized.

CompactCPI Climate Control 1

Maximum Airflow
due to the narrow design of the guide rails and horizontal rails.

CompactCPI Climate Control 2

Individual Airflow Management
ensures controlled airflow and optimum heat dissipation, optionally from bottom to top or from front to rear.

CompactCPI Climate Control 3

RiCool Flat-Pack Blower
ensures optimum ventilation. 1U, hotswap-compatible, 204 m3/h, including speed control and fault alarm signal.