PXS0309 3U ATCA Hybrid Shelf

The 3U ATCA Hybrid shelf offers unprecedented performance density combining a single ATCA node slot and an AMC Super-Carrier that supports 8 mid-size, single width AMCs. Typically only 4 mid-size AMCs can fit on an ATCA carrier, but 8 mid-size AMCs can fit on the PXS0309's unique AMC Super-Carrier enabling 8 AMCs and 1 ATCA blade to fit in a 3U ATCA shelf. With the flexibility and versatility of being able to combine 8 AMC module that can be utilized for additional processing, I/O, FPGA processing, storage, etc. with a high-performance ATCA blade, this platform is ideal for a wide range of communication, industrial, and defense applications.


  • 19” rackmount 3U ATCA Hybrid AMC Chassis
  • 1 ATCA Slot and 8 mid-size AMC Slots
  • 40G or 10G fabric across the Backplane
  • 8x PCIe Gen 3, 4x Gen 2 SRIO, or Layer 2 / 3 managed 10GbE / 40GbE dual XAUI
  • Redundant push / pull cooling configuration
  • Integrated dual Shelf Managers, Switch and AMC Super-Carrier
  • Full redundancy for all FRUs
  • Redundant AC or DC Power Modules
  • 2x ATCA RTM Slots
  • ESD Buttons