PXS0640 6U ATCA SlotSaver Shelf

A redundant shelf manager integrated with the switch fabric saves the two slots that are usually dedicated switch fabric slots in the ATCA Chassis. The two extra slots are utilized as standard payload slots, allowing more boards/performance in significantly less space.  The PXS0640 can optionally be configured for full HA redundancy across all FRUs, including power modules, cooling units, shelf managers/telco alarm, and switches.  If AC power is not required, 5U chassis option is available.


  • ATCA System Platform compliant to PICMG 3.0 Rev.2.0
  • 19” x 6U x 13” deep
  • 40GBASE-KR4, 6-slot backplane supporting dual star fabric, with an option for a full mesh, and an option for a replicated mesh on node slots
  • Combined switch/shelf manager allows a full 6 Node Slots
  • Full redundancy with dual shelf manager, dual cooling units, dual switches and dual power modules
  • Exceptional cooling, push-pull configuration
  • Front Power Entry Module, front and rear ESD jack
  • 4 x 1100W AC supply (N+1), 2 x 50 Amp DC PEM
  • Allows AC and DC to run at same time for swapping modules
  • Redundant FRU information devices
  • Telco Alarm
  • RoHS compliant

HASS (Horizontal AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager and Switch)

The PXS0610 6U shelf combines the shelf management slots with the Hub providing 50% more payload slots on the same form factor.  The HASS offers the following functionality.

  • 40GbE/10GbE Managed Layer 3
  • GbE Managed Layer 3
  • Vadatech VT003 ShMM

The HASS integrates the VT003 Shelf Manager and a 40GbE/10GbE switch and a GbE switch on the same module. This allows saving of two Slots in the system for the payload vs. having dedicated switches in the system. With two VT003s in the system there is full redundancy and failover both on the switch side as well as on the Shelf Manager side. The VT003 can also run as a protocol analyzer to monitor, inject, capture and validate I2C traffic on the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB). A Graphical User Interface (GUI) validates and displays the IPMI packets or schedules IPMI messages for injection into the Shelf. The GUI application communicates with the VT003 through the Ethernet port. The VT003 is fully hot-swappable to minimize service down time.