The Versatile Series of instrument cases has a wide range of configuration options, including feet, handles, gasketing, front and real panels, and more.  

  • Mounting/earthing kits (For connecting the cover plates/gland plates to the side panels with PE conductors.)
  • Feet (Flip out feet.  Load capacity up to 20 kg.)
  • Front Handles (Attractive, ergonomic front carrying handles.  Can only be used in conjunction with mounting flanges with handle holes.)
  • Top Carrying Handles (Ergonomic, aesthetic carrying handles mounted to top of the enclosure.  May also be used as a support stand. Not suitable for use in conjunction with flanges.)
  • EMC gaskets (The enclosures can be fitted or retro-fitted to meet EMC requirements using EMC gaskets from the Ripac subrack range.)
  • Panels, Front and Rear (To cover the front and rear of the enclosure. Also available with hinges, vented for fan installation, or as an EMC version.)
  • Flanges (Required when the Versatile Series is to be used as a rack-mounted enclosure. The flanges have a channel to hold vertical EMC gaskets.)