The RiCase Series from Pixus comes in 19" width and 10.5" width sizes in various heights and depths. Modular interior design for various size options. EMC options from basic to advanced. These all-metal enclosures provide the perfect framework for valuable electronics and instrumentation. Extruded aluminum sections and die-cast components create an extremely robust yet lightweight enclosure. The screw fastenings are concealed by specially designed and protective elements.  The modular RiCase Series desktop enclosure is supplied partially assembled with ready-made side panels, cover and base trays. Handles, a support stand/carrying handle, a folding keyboard or a glazed door are easily retrofitted.  The corners and parts of the trim come in green, blue, and grey (custom colors available) for enhanced aesthetics.


  • Aesthetic modular design in various color trim options
  • 1U to 8U heights, depths in 300mm, 420mm, 540mm standard
  • Wide range of accessory options: gasketing, feet, handles, etc.
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Folding keyboard, front panel door options. 
  • Customization available.



Stylish bezels and trim in 3 standard color choices and customized options.

Technical Specifications:

Installation options: 269.2 mm (1/2 19") slide-in equipment and modular assemblies to DIN 41494, part 5 and IEC 60 297-3

Protection category: IP 42 non vented version.

Material/Surface Finish:

Cover trays: Extruded aluminum section/die-cast, spray finished in RAL 7035

Side panels: Extruded aluminum section, spray finished in RAL 7035, colors RAL 5018/5012/7030*

Corner caps: Plastic, RAL 5018/5012/7030*482.6 mm (19")

Mounting bracket: Extruded aluminum section