EMC Gaskets, Vertical

To guarantee EMC protection between subrack sides and front and rear panels.  There is a choice of 2 versions: Version 1: Segmented  Version 2: One-piece

For mounting on:

  • 482.6mm (19") flanges
  • Rear trim
  • EMC contact strip
  • U-shaped front panels
  • Trims for Ripac Vario-Module
  • Mounting flanges for Ripac Vario-Module

Stainless Steel

Version 1: Segmented

EMC Gasket Vertical Segmented

Order Information for Version 1:

EMC Gasket Vertical Type 1

Version 2: One Piece

EMC Gasket One Piece

Order Information for Version 2:

EMC Gasket Vertical Version 2