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AdvancedMC Face Plate Kits

These are used as face plates for AMC cards and ATCA carriers, or as filler panels in MicroTCA systems.

  • Installation in μTCA systems or AMC carriers
  • Conforms to AMC.0 R2.0
  • Height: Single & Double
  • Widths: Compact, Mid-Size, Full-Size
  • Simple handling when locking and unlocking (no screws)
  • Hot swap-compatible injector/extractor handles
  • Customer-specific face plates available with a short lead time
  • Upgradable with filler sheets and air baffle plates
  • Double to Single conversion module (accessory)

Face plate made from aluminum (stainless steel available on request)
Holder for light pipe and PCB, die-cast Zn
Light pipe, polycarbonate
Handle, die-cast Zn, spray-finished
EMC seal, foam with metal fabric
(UL 94 V0)

Supply includes:
1 U-channel face plate,
1 holder to accommodate a light pipe and PCB,
1 handle for microswitch,
1 light pipe (for 2 LEDs),
1 EMC gasket, left side and bottom. 

AdvancedMC Face Plate Order Info 

AMC filler sheets