• VITA 62 Power Boards

    VITA 62 Power Boards Announced By Pixus

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  • OpenVPX Accessories

    Pixus offers various accessories for OpenVPX systems including power supplies, VITA 62 power interface boards, VITA 46.11 / SOSA VPX chassis managers (Chassis Management Card) & backplane interface cards / mezzanine, faceplates/handles, and more.   OpenVPX handle and panel sets, see our Components section.   VITA 62 (or other)...

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  • Pixus PR VITA 67 backplanes

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  • OpenVPX / SOSA Chassis Platforms

    With options for VITA 46/VITA 48 compliant specifications for VPX (with VITA 65 OpenVPX compliant backplanes), Pixus offers complete systems with power supply unit and backplane, fully assembled, pre-wired and tested. With a modular design approach, Pixus can offer virtually unlimited VPX chassis configurations for 3U and 6U boards.  The VPX enclosures...

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